Dr. Hartell offers adolescents a space to be more confident in themselves and get to know their body. While it is normal to feel nervous about your first visit to the gynaecologist, Dr. Hartell will reassure you throughout your consultation.

Through puberty, your body is changing, and you may have just gotten your period. You may have many questions – but Dr. Hartell can help you adjust to womanhood and educate you on various aspects of your body, your reproductive health, and how best to manage multiple menstruation concerns.

After your initial visit, your appointments with your gynaecologist will be focused on preventing unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases/infections (STD/STI) through contraceptive counselling, managing unruly menstruation cycles and any recurrent yeast infections or urinary tract infections. You will also have the chance to discuss any abnormal menstruation concerns such as painful menstrual cramping that isn't relieved by analgesic tablets, extremely heavy bleeding, periods that last longer than 7 days, nausea or vomiting and premenstrual syndrome (PMS).