Dr. Hartell offers antenatal care to pregnant women not only for the journey of pregnancy but also for the birth of their baby. During your first antenatal appointment, Dr. Hartell will confirm your pregnancy and discuss your gynaecological history. The aim for these appointments is to ensure the health of both mother and baby during early pregnancy through to birth and beyond.

To ensure a healthy pregnancy, Dr. Hartell will do comprehensive tests and exams, including ultrasound scans and screening for genetic abnormalities and health risks. Dr. Hartell will also prioritise any physical symptoms that may be plaguing you during your pregnancy such as morning sickness, fatigue, weight gain and anxiety. As your obstetrician, she will be able to offer advice on healthy eating and lifestyle changes now that you are expecting a baby and empower you with information regarding your birth plan decisions.

Whether you prefer a natural vaginal delivery or a caesarean section, she will be able to advise you on what may be best for your baby as well as what to expect from each choice. Following the birth of your baby, Dr. Hartell will also advise you on postnatal support classes and possible treatment for postpartum depression (baby-blues).