Take a glimpse of your baby before arrival with our practice assistants. Our staff is passionate about creating the best experience you can have while waiting for the arrival of your baby.

A 4D scan creates three-dimensional moving images of your baby so you can sneak a glimpse of what your baby will look like and prepare for a gender reveal party. This helps plan for the baby's arrival, from what colours to choose for the nursery or the types of baby shower gifts you will receive.


A 2D scan is not detailed enough and appears plain grey, sometimes blurry; this is because the internal organs are projected instead of the skin and features of the face. Due to advancements in technology and ultrasound, you can now see your baby's appearance from the skin, nose and mouth, including actions. You can see the baby yawn, stick the tongue out and move around. The idea of witnessing the live physical movements of your child is an exciting prospect, making this a popular imaging tool today.

A 4D scan is best suited once you are between 28-32 weeks. Sometimes, babies lay in a position where they are not showing their face, and one would need to wait for the baby to turn to show a glimpse of their face. After 32 weeks of pregnancy, a 4D scan can still be done, but is not as promising to yield a good picture of baby’s face as the space around the face can be crowded as the baby is growing bigger.


  • 4D scan: R850
  • Gender scan: R450

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