Dr Hartell can assist women who have struggled with recurrent pregnancy loss and infertility. Infertility is about so much more than the inability to conceive. It has an extremely profound effect on a women's faith in her body and mental state. As your Gynaecologist, she can assist in managing your infertility issues and ways to fall pregnant.


Dr Hartell understands that women with a history of miscarriages need empathy and support. Miscarriages are common, occurring in about 15 per cent of pregnancies. Miscarriages that happen one after another are not uncommon but do not necessarily suggest infertility. You may be concerned about your fertility after having one or two miscarriages, but there is insufficient evidence to suggest this is a sign of infertility. Some couples go on to have healthy babies even after consecutive miscarriages. If you previously had a few miscarriages, early or late, this would suggest you need to undergo tests to find the cause and its relation to your recurrent pregnancy loss.

A miscarriage can be either early or late and happens for these reasons:

  • Most miscarriages are unexplained, meaning the cause cannot be found.
  • Chromosomal/genetic problems.
  • Uterine abnormalities, cervical problems or autoimmune disorders.

Through various anatomical tests, blood tests, testing for endocrinopathies, and scans, Dr Hartell may identify the problem and plan for your future pregnancies. Be it genetic or hormonal problems, infection or thrombophillia, uterine problems or cervical weakness, Dr Hartell aims to find the cause and the treatment best suited for you.

Knowing that future pregnancies will be full of hope but also tinged with a high level of anxiety, she will educate you on the common sensations and symptoms of pregnancy and how best to prepare yourself. With her support and medical expertise, your fertility is in good hands.