These frequently asked questions aim to help answer general enquiries concerning your gynaecological health and our practice ahead of an appointment with Dr Hartell.

1Can you make an appointment online?
Kindly fill out our online form or contact our practice to schedule an appointment with Dr Hartell.
2What happens if you miss a few days on the pill?
The severity of this situation depends on the type of pill you are on, how many days or hours you've not taken it and the day you skipped it. Your pill may include instructions on how to deal with a missed day. However, you may also contact us to enquire about this further.
3Is it normal to start feeling sick after taking the pill?
While the side effect of taking a contraceptive pill vary depending on your body, you should see your gynaecologist to determine the best contraceptive option for you with the least negative side effects.
4Can fibroids become cancerous?
Fibroids are not cancerous and only pose a threat once they begin growing, cause pain or affect nearby structures.
5How do you know you have fibroids?
Signs of fibroids are:
  • Heavy periods
  • Pelvic pain
  • Urinating more than usual
  • Leg and back pain
6Is infertility a sign of endometriosis?
Usually, women with endometriosis only notice they have the condition when they cannot get pregnant. Endometriosis causes scarring and adhesions that obstruct the fallopian tubes, thereby preventing sperm from reaching the egg. The ovaries are an ideal place for endometrial tissue to grow, which stops ovulation.
7Is endometriosis life-threatening?
Endometriosis isn't necessarily a fatal condition; that being said, in rare instances, certain complications can be life-threatening. It has a long-lasting inflammatory effect on the body because this displaced tissue builds up inside the abdomen and continues to grow.
8Will a pacifier relieve your baby’s colic?
Babies instinctively perform a sucking action, which is why a “dummy” or pacifier will help soothe them and control the amount of air they let in.
9When should you start seeing an ob-gyn when you want to have a baby?
As soon as you make this important decision, schedule an appointment with Dr Hartell so that you can undergo a complete check-up and ask any questions you may have regarding pregnancy and childbirth.